Selection Process

The utmost attention is given to the recruitment of our personnel in accordance with stringent parameters laid down as a group policy.

This includes education, age, physical fitness and background. All employees are subjected to vigorous vetting. Further, the Internal Security Department in each region is responsible for verification and background checks and service records of each employee.

Attributes which we seek in Radar Security Solutions personnel are:

  • Educated & Intelligent
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Physically & Mentally Robust
  • Eye for details
  • Alertness / Promptness
  • Ability to React
  • Firm & Determined
  • Anticipating Skills
  • Investigative Skills
  • Pleasing, Helping & Cordial
  • Well-Mannered
  • Decent Telephone Manners


Before deployment, it is mandatory for all Radar Security Solutions employees to undertake a Security training course which imparts the necessary skills to perform duties. In addition to lessons on basic guarding skills, they will be taught the rudiments of First Aid, Fire Fighting and Self Defense.

Our training courses are designed after having in-depth discussions with the client and assessing the training needs of the staff. The aim of these courses is to enhance the security skills of the security personnel and develop management skills in the supervisory and management staff.


In order to provide quality service, Radar Security Solutions gives a lot of importance to in depth and active on-the-ground supervision. In this regard, a strong operations team comprising of managers, inspectors, and patrol supervisors, who are equipped Mobile Phones, carry out checks on all our assignments and guards on a 24x7 basis.

Procedure & Instructions

Before Radar Security Solutions takes up any assignment, a team of operations staff visits the site to analyze and understand the security needs of client’s premises. Based on the survey report, a security setup for the premises is designed. A detailed set of instructions including charter of duties for security personnel, client’s expectations from security staff, emergency procedures and other relevant details are documented. This set of Post & Site Instructions are prepared in consultation with client.